Finding Hope In Trump’s America

Posted On November 11, 2016 1:51 am

What happened on Tuesday night, Nov 8th, 2016, shall likely go down in history as the most shocking electoral result that ever was, or ever will be. Donald Trump being elected President of the United States, and unofficial leader of the free world.

BUT while I didn’t vote for Trump, (or Clinton for that matter) I realize that the vast majority of voters did, and to all of you I have this to say: America is more than one man or woman rising to the highest office in the land.

Because what I say on Tuesday night was truly the best representation of what makes this country great, and what has sustained us as a people, and made our economy, and stock market, the envy of the world.

On Tuesday night, despite what is likely the most divisive and potentially dirtiest campaign in history, we saw a highly polarized nation march to the polls, and over 120 million people exercise their right to have a say in their government.

What we saw was an orderly transition of power, just as we’ve had for centuries. There were no riots, no calls for blood, no violence against one’s ideological opponents. And THAT is what gives me hope.

We’ve come to calling every presidential election “the most important in history” and acting as if the fate of all mankind hinges on the outcome. However, as hard as this may be to accept for many shocked, and appalled Clinton supporters, President Trump almost certainly not bring about the fall of the Republic.

Let’s keep things in perspective:

America has survived: 15 banking collapses, 39 recessions, 5 depressions, a civil war, 2 world wars, Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 20% of all humans alive at the time, the Cold War, and massive socio-economic revolutions.

Yet here we stand, alive to see (god willing) the end of the craziest election in US history. What matters now is that we look to the future and realize that those on the other side of the political spectrum are not demons summoned from the depths of hell itself, but regular human beings like us, with families we love, and hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

We all want to see a free, and prosperous America, one that is full of vibrant, thriving, and joyous people. We may have different opinions about how to make the American dream as achievable as realistically possible, but none of us are evil, yearning to see America put to the torch and brought to ruin.

This election has been all about uncertainty, and that is something that investors must always, and will always, deal with. There has never been a time when the skies were clear of all dark socio, economic, or geopolitical threats, and all was sunshine and rainbows. The market has always climbed a wall of worry, of uncertainty, fear, doubt, and even at times, outright terror, and mindless panic.

To be an investor in the US stock market is to ultimately bet your hard earned money, and your financial future, on the continued progress of the US, of the growth of our economy, and the ultimate ability for Americans of all ideologies, races, creeds, religions, and backgrounds to come together in common cause to strive for a better life for ourselves, our children, and each other.

While I may joke that I am the world’s most pessimistic optimist, right now I do not feel terror, dread, or panic at what is to come. Rather I feel a calm sense of resolve, to do what I have always done, which is to strive, fight, and struggle to help make my mark ¬†on the world, and to help make America as great as it can be, no matter who resides in the oval office, or which party controls our three branches of government.

So I beseech all Americans to try their best, as hard as it may be, to put aside the partisan vitriol that has been the hallmark of the last two years, and to put our noses to the grindstone, work together, and, like always, help our nation adapt, and overcome its numerous, but not insurmountable, challenges.

That is what will restore this country to its former economic strength, rekindle our markets, inspire hope in the hearts of millions, and help heal the painful wounds that have been inflicted by this election cycle.

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