The 3 Keys To A Rich And Happy Life: Part 2

Posted On September 16, 2017 5:53 pm

Your Life…As A Business

Now that you’ve learned what truly makes you happy (for most people, spending money on experiences with family and friends) and prioritized that, as well cut all your non-essential, daily life expeditures (to as frugally as is sustainable while still being happy in the long-term), let’s not forget about the passion expenses that you allow yourself from time to time.

These treats, too you can economize, up to a point. For example, if your passion is to take your family to Disney World, there are entire books on how to do it enjoyably while saving a bundle.

And even premium brands, if that is your passion (My next phone, when this one dies in 4-5 years, will either be a top of the line Samsung Note 13 or iPhone X3), can sometimes be gotten it for less. For example, T-Mobile is offering a BOGO on Note 8s right now, while AT&T has one for iPhones. Now obviously that might not apply to you, as they come with very specific requirements, but the point is that even when it comes to life’s little luxuries you can find ways to save money.

Think of your household, no your entire life, as a business, and try to optimize your cash flow.

Step one is to know where it’s going.

Step two is to spend as little as possible while meeting your goals (happy life while as frugal as possible)

And Step 3? Well that the last, and most enjoyable part, and for next time.


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