A Multi Trillion Dollar Idea That Could Revolutionize The Future Of Work, Increase Wage Growth, And Supercharge The Global Economy

Posted On May 16, 2018 1:36 pm

More Than Automated Job Hunting EZjobs Can Also Land You Your Dream Career

Now I know what some of you might be thinking. “That might work great for super smart tech nerds but what good does it do for lower skilled workers like truck drivers, dishwashers, and restaurant servers?” That is a very valid point because the first part of EZjob only ensures that you are matched with what job you are best suited for, and then maximizes your pay and benefits for that position. It can’t help a dishwasher earn six figures unless someone in the world is looking to pay that much.

But here’s the second part of EZjobs that I think is even more revolutionary and could transform not just the workforce but entire global economy. The future is going to be one of fast evolving technology that will require a lot of flexibility on the part of both companies and workers. For example analyst firm McKinsey estimates that by 2030 automation and AI might mean that up to 30% of US workers will have to switch careers. Not just find new jobs in the same field, but move to an entirely new field because entire industries might cease to exist.

That kind of rapid technologically induced labor market disruption has a lot of people understandably worried. In fact it’s why universal basic income or UBI, in which people get a guaranteed stipend (such as $1,000 or $1,500 per month) no strings attached, is becoming increasingly popular in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs (like Seattle and Austin). The fear is that AI and robotics will become so advanced it might make all human work obsolete (very unlikely if history is any guide) and lead to massive unemployment (and all the devastating financial, emotional, and health problems that go with it). The idea behind UBI is that it would be a far stronger safety net than we have today, and because you get it regardless of whether you have a job (unlike other forms of welfare) it would allow you the breathing room and flexibility to switch careers to whatever best suits your needs or desires. 

Whether or not UBI gets adopted in the US the fact is that the future of work is going to demand a lot of flexibility on the part of workers and employers. No more “never hire anyone over 55” (65 will soon be the new 35), but also no “I went straight from high school to a good paying factory job and did the same thing for 40 straight years.” Workers will need to constantly be building their skills and that’s where EZjobs comes in. Thanks to its near perfect knowledge of your personality, skills, desires, and goals, (it knows you better than you know yourself) EZjob can highlight not just the best job you are qualified for today, but analyze real time projections of employer needs to determine what careers you might make you happiest in the future.

More importantly EZjobs would then put together a customer tailored skills training plan that you could realistically accomplish. I’m not talking about going to college, but rather a digital hybrid form of college (one day potentially in virtual reality) where you can get the specific training you need to switch careers if you want/need to. EZjobs would, as part of its premium subscription, offer this training. But just as it optimizes everything else, it optimizes the learning process for you. Everyone learns differently (there are four different major learning styles). EZjobs would be able to gather the world’s data (in partnership with Alphabet) to create the best training courses, using whatever training methods are optimized for the individual person.

And as you learn you get tested and based on your progress the system automatically adjusts to always ensure it’s helping you in the most effective way. Once you complete a training model you get EZjob certified for that skill set and it gets added to your digital avatar’s resume.  If Alphabet, governments or charities want to, they can sponsor the job training or even EZjobs itself and make it free for everyone. Perhaps if this system doesn’t exist in 50 years I can make it the target of the perpetual charitable trust I plan to found.  Imagine that, perfectly tailored education and skills training for every person on earth. Combined with perfectly (or as close to it as we can ever get) tailored and continuously updating (and improving) job matching. All 100% free of charge. No more combing through resumes, no more updating resumes, no more filling out applications, or conducting dozens, sometimes hundreds of interviews. Just the right person for the right job at the right price everytime. 

Like I said this is a visionary and revolutionary idea. I’m sure that many people (especially special interests of all kinds) will find fault with it. But the need for something like EZjobs is undeniable. And the benefits of a system like EZjobs is too great to ignore. That’s why one day when the technology is ready, I think it is highly likely that something akin to EZjobs will be how the entire world educates and employs the workforce.

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