3 Reasons This Blue-Chip REIT Is The Ultimate High-Yield SWAN Stock

3 Reasons This Blue-Chip REIT Is The Ultimate High-Yield SWAN Stock

Posted On April 2, 2019 11:29 am

This high-yield blue-chip is a must own for almost every diversified dividend portfolio, just make sure to buy it at the right price.


  • I’m a huge proponent of buying top-quality blue-chip and sleep well at night or SWAN dividend stocks at good to great prices.
  • When it comes to high-yield SWANs, Realty Income is one of the best stocks you can own.
  • That’s because of one of the safest dividends on Wall Street, strong competitive advantages supporting its low-risk, recession-resistant business model, and a quality management team you can trust.
  • However, today the REIT is in a bubble and about 22% overvalued. No matter how wonderful a company, grossly overpaying (and ahead of a potential recession in 2020) is a poor use of investing capital.
  • No dividend stock, even a SWAN like Realty, is a true bond alternative. If you’ll need money to pay bills during a recession, you actually need to own cash/bonds, which are likely to appreciate when stocks crash.

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