An Economic Boom Is Coming But Not All Stocks Will Profit

An Economic Boom Is Coming But Not All Stocks Will Profit

Posted On January 22, 2021 12:31 pm

After epic rallies in 2019 and 2020, the market is taking a breather so far in 2021.

Of course, not all stocks are performing equally well or poorly.

  • S&P 500 is barely up for the year
  • Nasdaq is down for the year
  • Enbridge (ENB), a Canadian dividend aristocrat pipeline giant is up like a rocket, 10% in two weeks

Moody’s, one of the 16 most accurate economists in the World according to MarketWatch, has just put out its latest base-case economic forecast.

  • which has important implications for your portfolio
  • because while the greatest economic boom in 35 years is possibly coming
  • not all stocks will benefit equally

Why Moody’s Expects Two Years of BlockBuster Growth

Moody’s points out that the US is now on track to potentially deliver a fiscal stimulus of almost 25% of GDP, the highest in the world.

With this additional boost, real GDP should be robust at just over 5% this year and the same next, bringing the economy back to full employment by early 2023.” – Moody’s (Emphasis added)

Moody’s expects inflation-adjusted GDP growth of more than 10% in the next two years.

  • the best GDP growth in 35 years

Moody’s is now forecasting a $1.2 trillion net infrastructure bill.

  • $1.5 trillion in total spending
  • with $370 billion funded by increased taxes
  • tax hikes expected to start in 2024

A total of $3.1 trillion in total fiscal stimulus is what Moody’s considers the most likely outcome.

  • most likely passed in the first half of 2021
  • via reconciliation

The total amount of stimulus would be close to $7 trillion, $12 trillion if you include the Fed’s QE efforts.

  • 60% of GDP worth of combined stimulus

Moody’s is so far the most optimistic blue-chip economist when it comes to stimulus but Goldman and Morgan Stanley both expect about 6% GDP growth in 2021 as well.

  • Goldman expects $1.1 trillion in round three stimulus ($800 billion less than Moody’s)

Why Some Stocks Will Soar And Others Will Likely Collapse

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