3 Essential Things to Know About The GameStop Mega Rally

3 Essential Things to Know About The GameStop Mega Rally

Posted On February 3, 2021 12:03 pm

In 2020 we saw historic volatility, including the fastest bear market in history. We saw some stocks soar by 2,700%. But 2021 has so far proven to be an even wilder time on Wall Street.

Gamestop (GME) has become the quintessential meme stock and a battleground between professional hedge fund shorter and retail investors.







(Source: Business Insider)

  • Last year Hertz went up almost 1000% in a week…after declaring bankruptcy.
  • AMC (AMC) was recently worth 5X more than pre-pandemic levels, for a company at high risk of bankruptcy!
  • Blockbuster (bankrupt)’s holding company jumped 700% on January 27!
  • Due to small investor speculation via Robinhood and Reddit
  • options are a hyper-leveraged way that retail investors are speculating and trying to earn fast fortunes
  • but can experience 100% losses in a matter of hours

To understand why these stocks are rising and falling by 50% or more in a single day, we have to first understand the mechanics of speculation.

Options And Massive Leverage Are Driving Some Of The Craziest Price Action In History

Gamestop is part of a perfect storm of speculative mania caused by two things seldom seen by most investors.

  • short squeeze
  • gamma squeeze

Gamestop, before WallStreetBets, began its short squeeze campaign, had 140% short interest. How can 140% of a stock’s shares be out short? Because of options, which allow even small retail investors to make highly leveraged bets on short-term stock price movements.

This brings us to the causes of some of the wildest price swings seen in recent weeks.

When hedge funds like Melvin Capital short a company like GameStop they have to borrow shares from those who already own the stock. They pay an interest rate determined by supply and demand (recently as high as 80% per year at some brokers).

If the stock falls quickly, then these shorts cover by buying back the shares, returning them to their owners, and profiting a modest amount that is hopefully impressive in annualized terms.

  • max short profit is 100% minus interest cost to borrow shares

Options are how speculators can crank up the risk and potential reward to 11.

  • naked options can allow you to bet for or against a stock with leverage

GME February 2021 Call Options

(Source: Yahoo Finance) 

  • for $3,355 per contract you can buy the right to sell 100 shares of GME for $800 by February 26th
  • if GME were to rise to $1,000 by February 26th then that call is $200 in the money.
  • Meaning it’s worth $20,000 and earns you a 500% return…in less than a month
  • or if GME closes below $800 the contract expires worthless and you lose 100%
  • if GME closes below $833.55 but above $800 you lose some of your money but not all of it

If you want to bet against GME the opportunity for speculative profit is even greater.

(Source: FactSet Research Terminal) 

Say you believe that analysts are right and GME will fall back to $13. Except that instead of 12 months, you think it will happen by February 26th.

If you want to gamble that GME’s bubble will burst in historic fashion, then take a look at these put options.

GME February 2021 Put Options

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

  • For $8 you can buy the right to sell 100 shares of GME for $3 by February 26th.
  • If GME were to fall to $1 then those contracts are $2 in the money.
  • Worth $200 each vs $8 cost basis
  • 3,125X leverage!
  • 25X your money in less than a month
  • an example of deep out of the money/lottery ticket style gambling

There are some people who were able to make 10, 20, even 100X their money in a few weeks. Some people made 1,000X their money in a few years, with longer duration LEAP calls.

With profit potential like this, you can understand how new investors, flush with stimulus checks and able to trade options commission-free on Robinhood might get carried away with champaign wishes and caviar dreams.

But That Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Get Even Bigger

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