Empower Your Rich Retirement With This 7.8% Yielding Blue-Chip

Empower Your Rich Retirement With This 7.8% Yielding Blue-Chip

Posted On March 10, 2021 3:46 am

The stock market has been selling off recently, while energy has rocketed higher 10% in the past week, 33% in the past month, and 40% YTD.

This 7.8% yielding blue-chip is up 20% YTD and 13% since I last recommended it. It’s up 108% since 2020 lows, and still has room to run.

This 12/12 Ultra SWAN is 31% undervalued, analysts think it has 59% upside potential through the end of 2022. Through 2026, it has the potential to deliver 112% total returns or 14% annually.

Over the very long term, analysts expect EPD to outperform the dividend aristocrats by 1% annually, and the S&P 500 by 2%. It has numerous growth catalysts to accomplish this and the strongest balance sheet in the industry. It’s likely to get the first A-credit rating in industry history within a few years.

This company offers 4.9X the market’s yield, 4.4X the 5-year income potential, 3.4X the 5-year risk-adjusted expected returns, and 1.7X the 30-year income and wealth compounding power of the S&P 500. It’s a 97% A excellent potential investment idea for anyone comfortable with its risk profile and who owns it as part of a diversified and prudently risk-managed portfolio.

I’ve personally invested nearly $18,000 into this ultra-yield blue-chip in the past year, and it may be just what your portfolio needs to secure the rich retirement of your dreams.

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