About Us

Welcome to the Dividend Sensei, a daily publication dedicated to bringing you the finest content in dividend growth investing. Each day, we’ll deliver you, what we deem to be, the top dividend-related news and updates in the market today. Our day-to-day article subjects will consist of, but won’t be limited to: Finance, Utilities, and Energy.

Periodically, we’ll also be posting deeply-researched and well-thought-out and Reports — all in an effort to keep you, our valued investor, on top of the latest studies and trends in the world of dividend investing.

About “The Dividend Sensei”:

 I’m an army veteran and former energy dividend writer with a passion for helping others enrich their lives, and achieve their dreams, through the awesome power of dividend growth investing. With 20 years of expertise, I’ve been in the fiscal trenches long enough to know what it takes to build both long-term wealth, and income streams.