4 Reasons I’m Taking A 10% Position In The Fastest Growing High-Yield Dividend Stock In America

In the world of dividend investing there are lots of great high-yield super fast growth names to choose from. But one stock stands out above all the rest with management guiding for 62% annualized payout growth through 2022. Find out the four reasons why I intend to build a 10% stake in the fastest growing high-yield stock in America, and why you may want to consider adding it to your portfolio as well.

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  • This Mega Merger Creates One Of The Best High-Yield Dividend Growth Opportunities In The World

    Discover why this latest complex merger in the energy industry, while creating large amounts of short-term uncertainty, also creates one of the best high-yield dividend growth opportunities I’ve ever seen. That’s because it forms a dominant and fast growing blue chip who is poised to benefit from one of the largest economic megatrends of the next few decades. Better yet this future dividend aristocrat is now trading at just 7 times forward cash flow which means that investors are all but assured of strong market beating returns in the years to come.

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